Your first appointment for consultation is free of charge. At this meeting we go through the procedure and inform you about what is included in the treatment and how it all works. We will give information about the tatto removal that is especially suited for you and the type of tattoo you have. 

This consultation is done in order to answer all of your questions.

When you feel that you have recieved enough information and knowledge about the treatment, we will make a small removal test on a small, limited area.

This will ensure that the procedure will not provoke an allergic reaction to your skin, if you decide to proceed with further treatments. To recieve and allergic reaction due to this kind of laser removal is very unusuall and extremely rare.

After a couple of days, another session will be scheduled for us to conduct a check up on the area that was tested on. This is done in order for us to make sure that the procedure did not provoke any allergic reaction.

After the consultation, the removal test and the check up, you have come to the point of scheduling an appointment for you first proper tattoo removal treatment. 


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Take it easy. TATTOOFF is Linköping´s only tattoo removal clinic, specifically using laser removal. We will help you when life is changing.
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