To remove a tattoo or to bleach it with laser to do a cover up, is a well tried and proven method both in Sweden and internationally.

Something that you have to be aware of is the fact that it is considerably easier to get a tattoo than to remove it.

What felt right at one point in your life, may not always feel right today!

How many sessions you will need to remove your tattoo is difficult to say ahead of treatment.

The number of sessions may depend on several things:

  • How old the tattoo is
  • How deep into the skin in sits
  • How many colours the tattoo include
  • What kind of colours used for the tattoo
  • How big the tattoo is

Considering the above, the number of sessions may vary between 4 - 12.

The average number of sessions lay between 6 - 8, but as mentioned before; the total number of sessions for a tatto removal is very individual.

Our clinic uses a so called Q- Switched Yag Laser, that is particularly customed and suited for tattoo removals.